An Overview On The O-Level Computer Course

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What is an O-level computer course?

The O-Level Computer Course is a central computer course that delivers information about every applications. The O-level course lasts 01 years and gets based on a semester system. This course presents data on the necessary information technology curriculum.

What are the employment opportunities after doing this course?

  • Junior programmer

These programmers are under the charge of senior programmers. They support the design, development, implementation, and supervision of applications designed for customers.

  • EDP assistant

It ​​stands for Electronic Data Processing System, and EDP specialists oversee large computer systems and connected equipment. Duties include managing day-to-day computer aid tasks and running specially assigned projects.

  • Web designers

Web designers develop and create websites and related applications. Web designers work in a combination of industries, often as autonomous contractors. Educational requirements may vary, but these designers can earn an associate degree to get an entry-level job. A bachelor’s degree equips students with cutting-edge skills that lead to more promising job prospects and career advancement.

  • IT lab assistant and demonstrator

Use of equipment (including software packages where appropriate), experiments, activities, techniques, and procedures that may form undergraduate course elements according to specific learning goals set by others.

This exam gets held twice a year. After the initial paper, the rest three will get retained the next day. You can also submit two papers a day. When applying for a work, you must also pay the screening fee for each operation that can get found on the NIELIT website. Practical exams and interviews can only get registered after passing the exam. You can look for o levels computing tuition near you.