How to Make Your Own Personal Leather Belt

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Leather belts are an outstanding craft task for people a new comer to leather projects. Aside from simply being one of the simpler art assignments, additionally they make great gift ideas. Unlike what you might believe, it is actually quite easy to generate a leather belt. If you are planning to device or coloring the leather, it is actually ideal to decide on organic leather. This type is simpler to use than other types.

Be aware the width from the within the that lung nam belt buckle. Look at the waistline circumference in the individual that will be putting on the belt. Utilizing a razor blade, lower the leather. The size will likely be that relating to the inside the belt buckle and the length a single ft. over the waistline circumference way of measuring. To make sure an even cut; utilize a straight side such as yardstick. The end of the belt that can be nourished from the belt buckle could be cut to the personal preference. Many people like to across the end.

On the other side in the belt, collapse the leather back again 1 ½ in. to create a crease. Line up a port impact with the center of the crease. Retain the punch securely from the handle and use a wood made mallet to hammer it in before the leather has become punctured fully. Using a rotary or push impact, make two rivet pockets ¼ ” from your stop from the belt prior to the crease. The openings need to be ¼ inches from each side from the belt. Retract rear the belt in the crease and label in which the rivet pockets overlap the leather. Make two far more rivet openings in which you have marked. Once the belt is folded away on the crease, the rivet holes should completely align.

Use a belt beveller to cut belt sides easy. If you are planning to embellish the belt, achieve this now. Tools and layout stamps may be used to put person details to the leather. Many people choose to include studs. Utilize a leather coloring to shade the belt. Keep in mind that the coloring from the box may seem distinctly different from the done model. When choosing a dye, have a look at completed free samples to be sure you are having the color you would like.

Enable dye to dried up completely, flexing the leather from time to time throughout the drying out process. This will make sure the fibers will not stiffen up too much. It may take as much as several hours for dyed leather to dry fully. When dried up, clean with Neat’s foot oil or saddle soap and buff dry having a thoroughly clean towel.

Press the prong of your belt buckle through the golf hole created in the crease. Fold the leather again and line up the rivet holes. Put rivets in the inside the belt and utilize rivet hats employing a rubber mallet. Put on the belt and determine wherein a hole is needed to make sure a snug fit. Utilize a rotary punch to punch a hole that is certainly centered in the edges of the belt. Functioning out of this punched opening, impact several slots 1 inch separate.