Schwans Home Delivery Service-Review

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Recently I found that Schwans home delivery service was giving away $10.00 in free food to some of their new customers. So I decided to take advantage of this promotion and ordered their frozen chocolate chip cookie dough.

I was told that they would deliver on a specific day and made sure I was home all that day to take delivery of the order. By 5pm that night I had called customer service to ask where my delivery was. The lady (Jeanette) I talked to told me that they deliver right up until 9pm but she would page my driver and leave my phone number for him to call me back. I waited until 9pm and never got my delivery or a phone call telling me why my order never arrived.

I wrote to customer service that very night and they sent me back what looked like an auto reply email response. I had considered doing business with Schwans Home Delivery Service right up until my order was never delivered on the day they said it would be.

When I called Schwans back the next day, I talked with the same customer service lady I talked with the day before (Jeanette) and when she first tried pulling my order up on her computer she told me that I didn’t have an order and she couldn’t find me in their system. She even told me that she remembered talking to me the day before but she couldn’t find my order. After a few minutes and after I gave her my customer number she was finally able to find my order, but she said it wasn’t supposed to be delivered until next week.

I asked her how that was possible when my online account said it was supposed to have been delivered the day before? I also wanted to know why I hadn’t been called back about a problem with my order when I had called the day before and asked about my order. Full Truckload

The customer service lady I talked to (Jeanette) told me that the delivery man didn’t have my order on his hand held device, so he didn’t know about my order. I asked how that happened and she told me that after someone places an order it goes to the depot manager and he has to send the orders to the hand held devices that the delivery truck drivers carry. So the order doesn’t actually get put on the truck until the driver gets it on his hand held.

I asked why I was never contacted about my order being rescheduled and she said she would put me on hold and talk to the depot manager. I waited and five minutes later she came back on the line only to tell me that she wasn’t able to get a hold of the depot manager so she didn’t know what happened. She told me that I would have to wait until the next scheduled delivery date, which was almost ten day away to get my order.

She couldn’t give me an intelligent reason why I was never called to let me know that my order had been rescheduled or even called back the day before when the driver got my page on his beeper, so I cancelled my entire order and told them to take my name and email address out of their contact list. That I would be very upset if I got any phone calls or emails form their company.

I am deeply disappointed and very irritated about the way Schwans does business. This was incredibly unprofessional and I would recommend that everyone reconsider calling them to place an order. Because I highly doubt that I am the only one this has happened to.

If you are looking for a home delivery service that caters to its customers, my suggestion would be to look elsewhere.