Renting serviced apartments in Singapore for a short stay

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Serviced apartment in singapore short stay offer more space and a cheaper rate than hotels with an equivalent standard. It provides ample space for working, relaxing, and living. Just like any other private residence, it is considered “living” accommodation.

The amenities at a serviced apartment in Singapore

  • There are many bedrooms with lots of storage so that it is not hard or boring to bring along.
  • In addition, there is plenty of dining space as well as a coffee bar & restaurant/barroom which will suit your preferences if any particular food tastes good.
  • The serviced apartments also have a flexible living structure.
  • The place has not only air conditioning but also the lowest-cost amenities like free wifi on weekdays or over weekends.
  • A high-quality fridge also ensures energy efficiency on cold days during winter months or during late afternoon hours when guests typically get bored watching movies outdoors after closing their eyes before going home from office jobs.

You will not be hit by rental bills like many others who are dependent on the banks or other sources that we can never see their bank account balance before they leave us behind. The luxurious offerings include a swimming pool, hot water supply, gymnasium, and indoor/outdoor living room.

From the stunning views to your private balcony or terrace, you will find everything that makes a luxury home attractive and luxurious. Other valuable facilities include furnished kitchens, baths, fully equipped bathrooms, and full kitchen appliances fitted out alongside.